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July 19, 2021

🔮 COMING SOON: The Magic Matrix

The initial prototype of our all-new Magic Matrix is complete! Our team are still testing and tweaking this, so it's not available just yet...but it'll be ready for a full release in a future version.

Packed full of intel on your customer's buying patterns, Prospect's Magic Matrix will help you identify marketing and sales opportunities quickly and easily.

Laid out in a grid format, the Magic Matrix can be filtered by specific product categories, RFM Segments, Company Types and Account Managers, to reveal customers who:

🟢 have bought those products from you before 🔵 have an Opportunity logged for them in Prospect already 🟠 are aware you sell those products (you've sent marketing campaigns to them about it) 🔴 are totally unaware you sell those products (so should be targeted in a marketing campaign)

More details to follow on this one - so stay tuned! 👀

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