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October 16, 2019

πŸ“£ Our New Announcements Page! πŸ“£

Hi everyone! You've probably guessed it already - but we're excited to announce that we've launched a new way for you to find out about new features, as well as other cool updates from Prospect. Many of you said you didn't always know what's new in Prospect. We listened, made a change, and here we are! 🌟

It's now much easier to be in the know. Just expand out this side panel on our website or within the CRM itself.

Just a heads up - if you're looking for features released from this date onwards, stay where you are - you're in the right place! But, as part of our trialling of this new system, we've taken our favourite recent updates and added them in here above this post. If you're looking for posts older than these ones though, you can still go to our old page here (but we won't be posting on there any longer - so come here instead for shiny new updates!).

Great to see you here - we hope you enjoy the new look! πŸ‘

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